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To experience a heater breakdown in the middle of a harsh winter means to have a lot of problems that could have easily been avoided. When that happens, you want a certified Philadelphia heater repair HVAC company to take care of everything so you could get back to normal ASAP.

Lennox Heater Repair in Philadelphia and the Surrounding Tri-state Area

Our technicians are constantly improving their qualifications through special training courses, which not only helps them to stay up to date with the latest technology in the field but also allows them to work with all of the top brands. The list includes but is not limited to:

Regardless of whether it is an AC system or a heat pump, we carry out same-day diagnostics and service for most models. Our specialists can help even in extreme cases when it is no longer possible or appropriate to restore the operation of the heating system; we are more than just another heating systems company in Philadelphia that simply repairs what is broken. In our warehouse, we have almost all brands and models available for same-day installation, and our sales staff will help with any questions - from technical problems to financing.

Heaters Replacement

A homeowner should consider replacing the heating system when all alternative options, including repairing, are ineffective or no longer available. For example, when repairing a heater has proved to be a temporary solution, and the problem, once fixed, occurs again no matter what you do. The best time for heater replacement is summer, but in many cases, a homeowner asks professionals for help much later. Whether check-ups didn’t show anything earlier or weren’t done at all, an average person finds out something’s wrong only after the system’s breakdown. We know how it works.

There may be no warning signs that your heating system needs professional service. When the time has come for the heater to be replaced by newer and better equipment, let our HVAC service company take care of everything for you.

Call us! Our specialists will arrive on the same day to evaluate the heating system’s condition and elaborate a work plan. Removing a heater and installing a new one may take several days in some rare situations, but we provide our customers with same-day installment services. Once a heating system has been replaced by our technicians, a homeowner has another ten to twenty years of worrying about bigger things – not about whether his or her home will be warm today.

Understanding How Heating Systems Work

Knowing how your heating system works helps avoid most common heaters problems and ensures that your home will stay warm and comfy even on the coldest days. Making an effort to understand the different types of heating systems always pays off but may require a lot of time if you have no one to assist you.

Useful information

That’s another area where our Philadelphia heating replacement & repair company could be of service – we do help our customers to make the right decisions. Our well-trained specialists will be glad to tell you more about the advantages and disadvantages of various systems, including:

  • Central electric or gas forced hot air
  • Gas or oil boilers
  • Heat pumps

Aside from pre-installment consultation, our technicians will explain how to effectively use a new system once it’s been installed. With both technology and knowledge on your side, there’s nothing you should be afraid of during winter.

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If your heater doesn’t work properly this year, call us and entrust our technicians with taking care of everything else. We are the right HVAC company to call if you need fast heating system repair & replacement in Philadelphia.

If your heater seems to work fine but is more than a decade years old, don’t hesitate to call us too! Quality and professional service may save your heater from breaking at the most inopportune time.

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