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We are proud to be one of the leading air conditioning installation companies in our market. Our specialists attend all the latest training courses to keep up to date with the most advanced technologies. Moreover, we offer easily obtainable financing with same-day approvals.

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Having the right company that could install your air conditioner quickly and properly is extremely important, but make sure not to forget about the quality equipment as well. Lennox is renowned for its technological innovations and excellent air conditioners.

Lennox Air Conditioner Installation

The company’s XC25 model offers a variable speed compressor which, when combined with their variable speed air handling unit, can achieve up to 26 SEER points* (with most modern air conditioners having a SEER that does not exceed 21 in the best cases).


Great precision is another feature that makes XC25 the most efficient air conditioner with one of the highest SEER in the industry (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). For year-round savings, a homeowner can use the XC25 together with SunSource® solar modules, which allows them to harness the sun's energy to reduce their cooling and heating bills down to 50%.

In addition to everything else, the model has the lowest operating noise level of any air conditioning machine in the market. It is simply the most advanced and effective air conditioner ever made.

The XC25’s inverter controlled compressor provides precise cooling and full humidity control with fewer temperature fluctuations.

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Ruud, a major player in the AC business

They offering strong and durable air conditioners for a long time. The UA20 is a very effective variable speed compressor providing a house-owner with maximum comfort and humidity control. Ruud is one of the best in terms of serviceability and ease of access to equipment.

Ruud UA 20

  • PlusOne™ Energy Efficiency guarantees 20 SEER & 13 EER system performance across all capacities.
  • PlusOne™ Expanded Valve Space – 3″-4″-5″ service valve space – is notable for its working area of 27 square inches providing better access.
  • EcoNet™ Enabled product. Thanks to the system’s capabilities, a house-owner may minimize his or her energy bill by spending as much energy as needed – but no more than that!
  • PlusOne™ Triple Service Access helps a lot when it comes to repairing. A removable corner with two fasteners makes it much easier to access the internal part of the machine in case of need. Individual louver panels extend after the removal of fasteners, making coil cleaning quicker and saving the technicians a lot of time on the reassembling stage.
  • Powder coating system. A good and durable finish is guaranteed.
  • The Copeland Scroll™ Variable Speed Compressor is based on a state-of-the-art technology allowing the user to precisely control the humidity and temperature conditions indoors.
  • Modern cabinet aesthetics – increased curb appeal with visually appealing design
  • A high-pressure switch and a low-pressure switch on most devices.
  • Curved louver panels protect the coil from external impact, increase the strength and other characteristics of the cabinet.
  • Rust-resistant screws. An extremely important feature, it has successfully been proved by a series of tests, including the salt spraying one during which the mechanisms were left in harsh environments for more than two months. External gauge port access, meaning that there’s always an option to connect “low-loss” gauge ports. A single-row condenser coil makes the machine lighter and allows for thorough cleaning of the coil to maintain its performance at a consistently high level.
  • QR – a code giving both the house-owner and technician enough information about the machine’s features and making customer service calls much more productive.
  • Fan motor harness with extended wires allows one to remove the top of the machine with minimum effort. There is no need to disconnect the fan wire before that, as well.
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    Trane AC Installation With TruComfort™ Technology

    Trane TruComfort ™ systems operate at exactly the speed needed to provide comfort in your home. As a consequence, the compressor, the outdoor fan, and the indoor fan adjust their operating speed and BTU as the temperature changes, gradually slowing down or speeding up as needed.

    Efficient Air Conditioning Installations in Philadelphia

    And the Surrounding Tri-state Area

    Trane XV20i, top-performing air conditioner, is another example of high-efficiency equipment that deserves every person’s attention. This 21-SEER air conditioning device is equipped with Trane’s latest TruComfort™ systems, meaning that it doesn’t even require the user’s attention in speed adjustment – it will maintain the speeds at the necessary level and adjust them as and when required to minimize temperature swings.

    ComfortLink II Сommunicating Сapability

    ComfortLink™ II is another technology that will make your life easier through automation. When combined with communicating indoor units, CLII links all the main elements in one system, which allows for the device’s automatic calibration and, therefore, guarantees the best performance at any time of day or night.

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    Durable, Quiet, and Economical Air
    Conditioning Replacement

    Cleaner, Healthier Indoor Air

    Having been tested many and many times, this device can handle anything. Thanks to a reasonable price, it won’t affect your wallet too much. It’s also very quiet – much quieter than most of our competitors’ analogs. If a durable, effective, cheap, and quiet air conditioner is what you’ve been looking for, then this system will be a perfect choice for your home.

    Adding Trane CleanEffects™ to your system allows for quality air filtering and dust and pollen removal, making your home a better and more comfortable place to live.

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