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Our main objective is to restore your cooling system with minimum delay, but our specialists are trained on preventing problems from happening to begin with.

Most people call professionals when something’s already broken down, but what if we tell you that the breakdown you’re suffering from could’ve easily been avoided? When it comes to cooling systems, every little detail matters. Let us elaborate on this.

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Our company is best known for its experience in providing high-quality residential and commercial AC repair and installation services. We are a full-service AC emergency repair company that is available 24 hours a day. The air conditioner breakdown means a lot of trouble when you live in our area, especially affecting the elderly. – we understand that like no other!

Having people that could repair the AC issues no matter when you call them is of big importance. We are committed to learning and efficiently using all the new and emerging technologies in the industry.

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Even though some air conditioner repair procedures may be performed even by a person without qualification, this does not mean that their work will lead to the desired result. Manufacturers have strict requirements for the quality and specifics of work on AC repair and AC installation.

These requirements are essential to maximizing the efficiency and lifetime of your cooling system. Every little mistake made when fixing an AC may turn into a huge problem in the near future. For instance, when pumping out the refrigerant, you need to use special equipment, but even if at this stage you do everything absolutely wrong, your air conditioner will still work for a while as if everything is fine. Moreover, did you know that if you are brazing the refrigerant lines together, purging them with nitrogen is essential for avoiding oxidation?

this step will not result in immediate damage to the air conditioner, but it will significantly shorten its service life. That’s why our specialists follow all the strictest standards in the industry. That’s why we focus on providing impeccable AC repair services.

Is There a Way to Avoid Compressor Burnout?, a reliable source when we talk about HVAC, notes that preventing premature compressor burnout is possible in many cases. Their data suggests that often it’s poor maintenance and power surges that lead to compressor burnouts.

They also confirm that acid in the system is the most common cause of failure. In this case, a chemical reaction occurs as air or moisture enters the environment, and hydrochloric and / or hydrofluoric acids are formed as byproducts. These acids destroy the compressor and machine components over time. This affects the system as a whole and results in the piling up of mud and particles against the walls of the system lines, guaranteeing that a breakdown will occur soon.

No conditioner will function forever, but we know how to make it last. Even breakdowns that look insignificant at first may cost you a lot of money later, but we know how to make them never happen. In most cases, small errors and inexperience are to blame for premature equipment failure.


Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning

Maintaining an HVAC in full working order is impossible without proper care of its key components, including the coil. People always ask us: “Should I clean the evaporator coil already?” Although in most cases the answer is positive, it is important to consider the following two facts before making the next step.

First, the condenser coil is just as crucial for the functioning of the system, meaning that you should care about its condition as well. Second, the coil cleaning, no matter which one, requires professional knowledge and skills. You could clean the coils yourself without removing them, but even that is ineffective and generally not recommended.

Proper cleaning requires removing the equipment from the system and rinsing it carefully. Doing it yourself, rather than employing a professional, will result in AC breakdown.

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Brazing with Nitrogen

As we’ve already noted, purging the refrigerant lines with nitrogen is essential for avoiding oxidation when one’s brazing the lines together. Ignoring this fact is a straight way to break your AC and cause yourself a lot of unnecessary troubles.

The black mass accumulates on the inner walls of the refrigerant pipes and is released over time. After that, it either clogs the expansion valves, resulting in reduced efficiency, or causes the compressor to stop working at all.

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